A Cold One

Wondering if anybody ever drank a cold one, during a cold one.  I never had a picnic in the snow during my navy days.  Come to think of it, I never had a picnic in the snow ever!  When I was at Treasure Island, we had beer machines in the barracks that promptly rewarded you with a can of Schlitz beer for 35 cents though.

 One of my favorite movies by the way.



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  • Never drank any of these in the cold but drank a few in the heat3439428204?profile=original

  • I loved that movie, wish I could find it to show my family and friends. Walt Williams AD1 Retired
    • The movie is "The Last Detail".  Those guys should have done their jobs rather than the stuff they did, but then, that was a movie. 

      Beer in the barracks in San Diego was .25 and a can of stew/chilli/ Spaghetti and meatballs was also a.25.


  • Never drank while on Shore Patrol or on watch. But when I was in ET school at Great Lakes (circa 76-77) used to keep our beer cold during late night card games by placing it outside on window ledge. Snow and chill air made great fridge. And we didn't have to worry about it being stolen because we were on 2nd deck.

  • Not sure about anyone else...but I did a few when I was stationed at Gt Lakes...between 62' n 63'..

    Never when on duty I might add..and no I wasn't on Shore Patrol..I stood gate watches..

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