Navy and Marine question......

I am sure it was all in good fun...but is there really a rivalry that goes on between the Navy and Marines? Down at the Legion hall I use to hear the Navy Vets telling the Marines Vets from WWII...."well we had to haul your behinds all over the place" and the Marines would reply, "well we were protecting your behinds!" I use to hear my brothers a mixture of Navy & Marine Vets from Vietnam era always throwing back and forth really funny jabs between the two branches! I don't recall ever really hearing it with the Army or Air Force added just always the Navy & Marines. Thanks

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  • Navy is more of the guys that graduated HS
    Marines are the guys hanging out drinking & fighting
    Marines are mentally torn apart & rebuilt
    Navy doesnt even have a DI in bootcamp
    Navy walks a mile or too to class
    Marines run,do situps, pushups chin ups & shoot guns
  • I was a NAVY CORPSMAN but most of my active duty time was with The Marines, and whenever I was needed I did not care if they were Navy or Marines.  After all we are all part of the same brotherhood and I will admit that I got more respect from the Marines I looked after than I did my fellow sailors.  So go figure, but I was once called a "Navrine" and that translated means 1/2 Navy and 1/2 Marine.  At any rate, I was proud of serving whoever as it really doesn't matter to me, as blood is still red, with no regard to what uniform your patient is wearing.  Amen.

    • Hey Bruce, nice to make your acquaintance. I was HM from west coast schools an I'm still close with most of the Marines I was lucky enough to serve with. 8404 FMF Corpsman or Devil Doc an for 0000HM-E-1 to E-3 is pecker checker an for E-4 an up Penis Machinist. The Navy is just the transportation for Marines, well with Hells fire on stand by. Today's military branches work side by side, Joint Operations, like in Desert Shield/Storm. If you want to watch good flick get "The Hornets Nest". It's told by journalist an son in Afghanistan as a documentary. Take care.
  • Thank you all for your replies...God Bless You & Thank you for your service.......
  • I was an Instructor at NAMTRA DET 1038 we were a split comand Half Navy/Half Marines.  It took us alittle while to get the Marines to let there hair grow out but they did.  We ran our PFT together I had a SGT that couldn't make the 3 mile run.  2 of us airdales ran with him got him so piss off that he forgot that he was hurting.  The Master Gunny was running behind him he was so proud on seeing him pass the runn the first time.  The Master Gunny Paul Smith asked why we ran with him we all said he was a "SHIP MATE".  We all fight for the same flag. We sailors just make sure the Marines know where the beach is at.  It was one of my best duty tours.  

  • Thanks to a Marine I was home from A school for the birth of my daughter back in 1970!!!

  • Being in the Seabees we had a very, very close relationship with the Marines. Much of our training was done at Camp Lejeune (or Camp Pendleton for the Left Coast battalions). While in Vietnam we were operationally attached to the Third Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF) and mostly operated in the I Corps Op Area. There is a deep respect between the 'Bees and the Marines, but it doesn't stop the verbal sniping (or the occasional drunken grab ass) in the clubs.
    • Sailors = AIRDALES

      Marines= JARDALES

      Air Force = BUS DRIVERS

      Helo Pilots  =  ROTOR HEADS

  • From what I can remember....
    IF you ask a sailor....enlisted or officer...They will tell you...The MARINES are a branch of the NAVY

    IF you ask a MARINE....enlisted or officer...They will tell you ..The NAVY is the "other" branch of the MARINES

    I've seen both in bars and everywhere else...but cannot remember ANY fights...just some fun pokin at each other...BS arguments..which were usually settled over a drink or 2...

    X2 What Doug said....if the "stuff" hits the fan...their usually there regardless....
  • I was in the 'Gator Navy', stationed on board a Tank Landing Ship for my last 3+ years in the Navy. We deployed to Desert Shield and Desert Storm with our troop berthings full of Marines. My next deployment was to Yugoslavia while in the Med and we were filled to the hilt with Marines again.

    Although we were the 'taxi', we usually had more Marines than sailors on board. It's tough to have a rivalry when you're eating and sleeping with those guys every day. I really built up a lot of respect for the Marines I deployed with. In fact, some of my closest 'brothers' were some EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) guys that I spent time in the Gulf with.

    The rivalry is fun - but I'd trust any Marine to watch my back any day! It's always fun to remind them that their Chain of Command still goes through the Secretary of the Navy! For my first few years, their paychecks even said "Department of the Navy". That's gotta hurt!
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