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We're already over 100 members - wow! We also have over 300 invitations out to attract other members. I think that's fantastic growth for and I hope it keeps going! There's still work to be done on the site - a calendar and some easier navigation, but we'll make it happen! One place that helps our growth and benefits our members is the use of Commands. Commands make 'findable' by the search engines like Google. So it's important that we have as many, accurate, commands as we can. Here's how: 1. When you click the commands tab, it will allow you to both browse and search for a command. To search for your command, avoid entering in something like "USS Wasp" and, instead, just enter "Wasp". You can also enter "LHD" and try to retrieve all to ensure you're not spelling the name incorrectly. 2. Click through and you'll see a link on the left to join the command. 3. If you have exhausted your searches and can't find it, then go ahead and Create a Command. a. Write the official name of the command. Avoid the NAVCINCFLT type names and put the real name in. Follow it by the official command acronym. If it's a ship, please use a DDG-1 format with a dash. This is so that people that search from a search engine can find it by DDG1 or DDG 1 or DDG-1. If you write DDG1, folks that search for DDG 1 may not find the page. b. Write a great, short description. There's not much room so make it snap! This is also where I write other ship designations (DD/DLG, etc.) and usually denote the full city and state if it's a land-based command. c. Always add a picture! I find them through Google Image Search. You can right-click and save the image from your browser to your desktop and then upload it using the form. d. If you have or know of another website for your ship, feel free to enter it! We want to encourage Association Pages and dedicated memorial sites for our Commands! In fact, we'd love to partner with them and be their 'interactive' site. Lastly, if you join a command that I've started - feel free to send me a message if you'd like to be an administrator of that command. Thanks to everyone for all the assistance! This really is exciting!

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