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The most difficult part of getting any social network up and running is finding new folks to come aboard. I've gotten feedback from quite a bit of folks - some didn't like that there was advertising (it defers the cost of the site) and some see it as competition to their own website. I started Navy Vets because I didn't like the large sites that were owned by mainstream media (the same guys that don't care for the military), so I wanted a place where we could all share our stories, photos, video, etc. What are your ideas? How can we get the word out? I think the best way is through invitations. I'm spending (a lot) on Google Adwords right now and it seems to be working. What other things can we do to make the best and only place that sailors and their families need to go online?

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  • I am all for the Navy Vet. ,we need the to stick together. Walt Williams
  • Awesome site, great idea for Navy Vet. to reconnect. Served on USS Guadalcanal (LPH-7) USS Sierra (AD-18), as a BT2. Once a HoleSnipe ALWAYS a HoleSnipe! L O L !!
  • hey doug, this site is great...the only sites i ever found were the ones that wanted you to join and get $$$$$$ from you.this allows other than the lounge lizards to say and be a part of the greatest navy in the world....word of praise...i was in viet nam as a tonkin gulf sailor on the ranger, no i was not in country but my job as a aircraft mech was just as inportant...seems to me that the military organizations including the va hospitals revier the purple heart awardies...well it brings to mind of the redball express in WWII and patton getting all the credit, those truckers made heros out of thhe fighters...what would they have done without the redball people..throw rocks and sticks at the enemy...for theos that do't get what i said...all of us, cooks personelmen, yoemen, supply, plane captins, mechanics, enginemen, and the list is lonne..we helped win those battles...and the generals and admrils got all the medals for leading us....b.s., we knew our jobs and how important they were for the winning of battles....three cheers for our side....
  • I am all Navy but i drink my coffee from a Marine cup. A trophy. A long story. You know I had a little fun last week and send in a request for my military records to St. Louis. Got a email back stating they had no record of me ever having served in the armed serves. Also they encluded a interesting statement, " we even had the FBI search for your records". And they wonder why we are broke as a nation! The clerk used a wrong number in my SSN. Which was shown on the letter she mailed me. So i faxed the request again and clouded up the SSN. They send me the same dumb letter. Stating we have no records indicating you ever served in the Navy. I just want to know were I apply to get those years back. You know iw as just going to sign up for my VA card so i could apply for a job at the local dawm, always wanted to have peoples lives in my hands. LOL
  • I just sent this out to about a thousand Squids... Telling them to take a look & sign up !
  • Doug, thanks for the site. The days i spent in the navy are still the greatest ever. This little country boy from the cottonfields of Arkansas not only grew up, but got to see the world from Vietnam to the US. I had the priveledge of serving on both the east and west coast, and did it all in four years. I married my high school sweetheart while stationed in Norfolk, so she got to be a part of my navy life also. We now have three grown kids and four grandkids, our youngest was a son and had already completed two tours to the far east and now a air traffic controller. We still have conversations about our days in those military housing and how all of us young couples from all over the US would put our money together a couple of days before payday and buy enough hamburger meat and beer to get us by..we had some good times...keep up the good work....Larry
  • Hi Doug, Thanks Doug for setting this site up, one that is strictly Navy. I have to agree with Tim Gulliford about approving people vs anyone just signing in.
    I also have been decorating my page and even posted my link on the JAF Yahoo page I have. I would like to know if you have any icon or banner I could use for our home page website. that would be great. Already started spreading the word to all the ship Org. I belong to on Yahoo..This site is much better and more personal you really gave this sight alot of class..My Shipmates are slowly coming on board..
    Hope you check out my two videos they are really special.. Thanks again..

    Frenchy DC3 Uss Juluis A. Furer Deg 6 Plank Owner
    • Hi Gerry,
      This site isn't strictly Navy as you stated. It also includes all members that fall under the Dept. of the Navy. That includes the Marines and in some cases, the Coast Guard. I know what you meant and there's no hard feelings. I hope I'm not the only Marine here.

      As veterans, we need to stick together no matter where you served. We need to be respectful to even people who may not belong here. A lot of these veteran sites recieve inquiries from sons and daughters of veterans whose lives were lost in honor of our country and may just be looking for information. I think spammers are the biggest threat to websites like this one.

      Aloha Tim,
      It's been a while since I last posted here and said hello. I've been so busy getting ready for my move to Hawaii. I got everything packed and ready to go. I'm going to let my daughter finish the school year here before moving over completely.Start saving your pennies for a trip and maybe by then I'll have the place ready,lol.
      • You bet! You know where to find me (here and by email) and if the day comes I go see one of my 'spots' (Pearl Harbor), we can do lunch and tour PH. One of my friends just finished a tour of Normandy and areas surrounding the invasion. That is another 'spot' of mine to visit.

        "I hope I'm not the only Marine here." If you were, then it shows you are the smart one. lol Don't worry, you are surrounded by brothers and sisters. ;)

        Aloha my brother and Keep Safe!
        • Aloha Tim,
          Yes,that would be fun. The tours are free if we drive over there ourselves. If we go on a Wed.,Sat. or Sunday, we can hit the swap meet at Aloha Stadium right across the street,lol. Maybe check out Mighty Mo and the Bowfin while there too!
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