I remember my time in Hong Kong and I was looking at my old Cruise Books and I thought, Man! They look so young, and when I looked in the mirror  I discovered I was getting older and those photos? Well, made me feel really old. and I thought times change and so too the places we once went to so I wanted to show you all what has changed since we were there last.

If you like this Discussion, I would like to pick a different location every week and present a tourist presenttion of various spots around the planet. So let me know what you thought of this


This presentation includes:

1). Maps

2). Photos

3). Travel Videos

4). JUMBO Floating Restauraunt

5). Hong Kong Disneyland

4)  Cultural Food Video

Hong Kong island tourist map Hong Kong tourist travel maps

hong kong shenzhen map Hong Kong tourist travel maps




I really loved eating at this place, was wondering what you thought of the food






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    • Glad you enjoyed it Dennis. I will be including different places around the world just as I did with this one.

  • I see you have been to a number opf ports I have not been to. Want to do a discussion on Kuala Lumpur,  Yes I have been to Perf, wonderful place and even been on an African Safari in Kenya which was a highlight for me. Lots of Great memories.

    I miss the sea.... (Sometimes) But it's better now to have home cooked meals at home. hahah

  • I'm hoping to go back there again, I loved Hong Kong, and Singapore which I will be working on next. Glad you liked it. I thought I would do a different location each week so that some time in the future, we'll hit the places people like most on WestPac.

    Wanted to go to New Zealand, never got there ...yet... Some day maybe. But I did get to Freemantle, Australia and boy i sure loved that port of call.

    • You will love Wellington, I am sure that our hangout is no longer there - the 1860's. When we were there it was a old wooden two or three story building. The food was fantastic and the bar service was wonderful! If it still exists it has been rebuilt.

      As I recall Freemantle was next door to Perth.

      I did three West Pacs and the 86 West Pac turned into a Med Cruise. The 86 West Pac was when the three nukes (Enterprise, Truxtun and Arkansaw) served under all four fleets! It was amazing that Kadafi had his line of death and when a nuke carrier and two nuke cruises came through the "ditch" and into the Med - we never heard anything more!

  • Nicely put together. I was in Hong Kong the spring of 1988, remember buying this giant Garfield stuffed animal at 7th Fleet - that thing cost me a hundred bucks.

    I have several ports that were memorable - Brisbane and Hobart, Tasmania - mainly because American ships were usually on the other side of the continent in Perth. So we were a unique item in those ports. We were selected to represent the United States at the Battle of ther Coral Sea celebration. There are definite advantages to being haze grey and underway on nuclear power!

    The most unique port for this down under cruise was Tonga, an island kingdow with a king and queen and people still living in grass huts (at least when I was there in 1982). Now it looks like they have tourist based economy, and it seems there is more than one island. And of course our last port was Wellington, New Zealand a very friendly city and home to the best draft beer I ever had Lion Brown. We met some ladies that worked for a company named Cable Price, every Wednesday after work they would break out the food and booze and have an office party! Talk about "bennies."

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