I remember my time in Hong Kong and I was looking at my old Cruise Books and I thought, Man! They look so young, and when I looked in the mirror  I discovered I was getting older and those photos? Well, made me feel really old. and I thought times change and so too the places we once went to so I wanted to show you all what has changed since we were there last.

If you like this Discussion, I would like to pick a different location every week and present a tourist presenttion of various spots around the planet. So let me know what you thought of this


This presentation includes:

1). Maps

2). Photos

3). Travel Videos

4). JUMBO Floating Restauraunt

5). Hong Kong Disneyland

4)  Cultural Food Video

Hong Kong island tourist map Hong Kong tourist travel maps

hong kong shenzhen map Hong Kong tourist travel maps




I really loved eating at this place, was wondering what you thought of the food






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  • Remember this port very well and with very good, fond memories.....would love to go back easily we take things for granted when least I decided to do my entire 4 years overseas out of Yokosuka, Japan ('78-'82)....

  • Great set of photos

  • Yes, I also liked Hong Kong. I got to visit there 3 times for R & R while home ported at Yokosuka. Great food and fun!!

    I flew back to H.K. for a weeks vacation in Nov. of 2014. Wow what difference from 1970-73 era. Very built up all up and down the coastlines of both Hong Kong and Kowloon!  Yes "Jimmies Kitchen" is still in business, but not as good as before.

    The Fleet Arcade at Fenwick Pier is still open!! It's not as big, but still the same services with a restaurant and bar in the same building. They were very nice and let me in to shop there!! Not as much business now like in the 70's.

    The old Ki Tac  airport is now the ocean liner terminal for all major cruise ships.

    I think I liked it better in the 70's, as it was alot smaller and less people & less expensive!!

    Smooth Sailing,

    Richard Spicer  ETN2 USS Rowan DD782

  • my last time there was the summer of 62 on the old Coral Sea, it's changed a lot

  • What no Tiger Balm gardens, or are they still there?

  • Great Presentation...Thanks
    I was stationed on the USS McKean DDR-784 in 1960 and we were Station Ship Hong Kong for a month handling communications
    for the Us presense there. Trips on a Mike boat to the shore for Liberty each day. We had been a part in sending a few guys
    for SP training there about a month before going. Most went well except one out of our squadron turned up missing and another
    sailor was found about a month or so later in Civies drugged and passed out in a gutter on a back street. The other SP was
    never found as far as I know. We were told to stay away from Kawloon as it was a commie nest over there. Didn't see much
    of Hong Kong ,as we stayed pretty close to the harbor and didn't stray very much. I loved your new pictures and would love
    to visit again

    • Hi Gene, Ya I spent a lot of time in Kawloon, and at the China Sea Bowling alley when the British was still there, Went on a tour when I was on the USS Constellation, to the Chinese Border, enjoyed my time there and my House still looks like Pier One Imports... hahahah Lots of stuff from all over the World.

      Miss Shark Fin Soup.... MMMmmm Gusess I'll have to fly over for lunch hahahaha Ya... Right!

  • Jerry Honk Kong was great and a lot of other westpack port were good but my best duty and trip was the Uss Burton Agb-1 this was a Navy icebreraker. In 1963 we deployed to the Antartic for a 6 month trip. our headqueaters was Christchurch New Zealand whick is a great port to visit. We broke 65 miles of ice to get to the base Mc Merdo. I don't think there too many vets out there that has done this. see pictures at the end of my page.

    • Lucky you! I tried to get there so I could choose any place for Shore Duty... I wanted Hawaii so bad, but was always glad when it was our first stop from San Diego and on the way back.  Loved the Marshall Islands, although not much of anything there but beach, and a bowling alley and a few other things but if you love fishing, That's the place to be.

      I loved Guam, I spent a lot of time at the christian Servicemen's Center, but did get to see the History around the Island. Went on an African Safari in Kenya also and brought back a lot of wood carvings from that area, Australia was Wonderful, and always loved Singapore.

      There are days I miss the traveling.

  • hong


    kong sure has chan ged since my last over there in64,  did like the wat you put it together.dennis witham

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