Attack Squadron 85; Official Nickname: Black Falcons, 1958–1994. A-6 squadron / NAS Oceana

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  • Just a word to all VA85 members - JD Phipps needs to sell more of his coffee mugs. He has about 20 left which equates to about $320 out of his own pocket. I'm going to purchase another one. JD did this out of his own good heart for VA85'ers. If you don't have one, think about getting one and help him out. If you wern't at the reunion and didn't get to see them, they are really nice mugs.
  • For those of you not on Facebook here are links to the pictures that Paula took during the reunion.

    VA-85 Reunion Day One

    VA-85 Reunion Day Two

    VA-85 Reunion Day Three

  • Bob you are to be congratulated for the bang up job you did setting up the reunion and also for intorducing me to some other SPAD GUYS even though there were no guys from my era I really had a lot of fun with the group that was there.  It's a memory that will last for a long time.  If you or someone else descides to have another reunion please COUNT ME IN thanks to ALL for the memories. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE TO EVERY ONE.

  • Thanks to everyone who helped me with the Reunion!! A great success to say the least. We had 81 members show up and 139 members and guests at the dinner at Capt. Georges. Looking forward to another one, and hope we can get more there.


  • I'm looking forward to another reunion already.  It was a blast. Thanks again Bob for all of your effort you've contributed into this monumental event. Lets all stay in touch and make an effort to meet more often.  We're not getting younger.

  • Looking for cruise books for the 1974, 1975 Med cruise on the "FID".
  • Cant beleive i actually made it to the reunion,many,many Hats! off to RC, you and everyone else made it possible thier were a few from my time which i injoyed very much wish thier had been more time,also met some outstanding folks from previous years , these are the guys i really have to salute!im still a young pup at 51 but the older guys made me envious to see them all there.had agreat time with renewed frienships whish i could have found all of you sooner!


  • Had a really good time at the reunion hats off to RC you are the best hope to see some of you guys again in the near future and Joe Whispell thanks for throwing me under the bus I havent had a good laugh like that in a long time even I come to the conclusion that you had you had your fun that night too.
  • Had a great time at the reunion! What a great job by RC for putting this together, and for those who helped out! Wish we had more from my years('78-'82), but really enjoyed listening to all the stories from the 60's crowd. Will hold great memories!
  • A big salute to RC for putting in all the hours to make the reunion a success. The weather was a bummer, but we can't have it all, I guess. It was great to see the old shipmates. Sad that there weren't more present.

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2017 VA85 Reunion

Time flies but unfortunately A-6's no longer do.  Nevertheless, keep the camaraderie going!  For those who are wanting or plan to attend the next reunion, it will take place October 5th thru 8th in Charleston, SC.  To get updates regarding the reunion, you need to be added to the reunion roster.  Send an email indicating your interest to:  va85reunion@gmail.comWe had a great time during our last reunion in 2014.  Lets keep it going.  Hope to see everyone there.Any suggestions?

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Locating an old shipmate.

Does anyone recall a tall AT in the early 80's? His name was Steve, but I can't recall his last name.Also, I'm trying to locate an AE, Joey Martinez, if anyone knows how to contact him. He was in VA85 in the late 70's- early 80's.Any help would be much appreciated.

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