Interested in a reunion?

If your interested in participating in a possiible reunion, please let me know. I'm trying to get an idea of how many, where it would be and when a good time of year. Obviously it can't happen anytime too soon, but if enough of you are interested then perhaps it really can happen.Please, your input is always welcome!

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  • I have received an e-mail from Al and Kim about the VA85 Reunion that we have been working on. Staige Miller's dates are a little off. The reunion that we have set up is for Sept. 22,23,24 2011 at the Remada Inn. I have a contract being sent to me at this time.
    I have had some VA85 shirts made up if anyone is interested. Contact me : Cell 806-787-1445 or
    We have 37 members on my list right now. Anyone wanting to join in please contact me.
  • Al, I sent him a note an hour ago !!!! Thought I'd pick his brain a little about the hotel etc.. Its time we shit or got off the pot huh?
    • It's time to get off the pot. I sent him a note also (copied you too).

      So what do you think? 20 rooms a good place to start?
    • Kim,
      Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on this. I don't know how many rooms at the Ramada Inn that Robert blocked off. Ramada is sending him a contract with all the details. He's also worked on a buffet meal for one of the nights at "Captain George's Seafood Restaurant." Buffet, plus beverage (no alcohol), tax and tip runs $33.50 per person. He's also working on transportation from the hotel to Oceana. The plan is to have a registration fee, with an advance deposit, to cover expenses. He has 38 people, including himself, on his email list. If this picks up any real momentum, more rooms may have to be added at the Ramada. He's not at the point of telling us to get our reservations, yet, but it shouldn't be long.
  • Al:
    Robert Moore of Lubbock, TX, and a Black Falcon (Line Crew) from the Vietnam era, is planning a reunion for Black Falcons associated with the two cruises made to WESTPAC in 1968 aboard the USS America (CVA-66) and in 1969-70 aboard the USS Constellation (CVA-64). Robert has been working on this for the past several months and has been quite successful in reaching squadron-mates. The reunion is scheduled for Sep. 23-25, 2011 in Va. Beach, which is the weekend of the annual NAS Oceana airshow. So the Beach may be crowded that weekend. The reunion hotel is the Ramada Inn, 615 Atlantic Ave., Va. Beach, VA. Other interested Black Falcon groups may want to contact him to swap into.

    Robert's email address is:
    • Hi Staige. ..I have sent an e-mail to Kim and AL to contact me. The dates for the reunion is Sept. 22,23,24 2011. I have tried to put a picture on this thing, but I can't get it to work.
    • Go to my page and look at the pix I posted. Maybe you can paste one of those.
    • Hello Staige,
      Thanks for the info. If you take a look back on page 3 that Kim Brockhoff (August 23) and I were talking about a reunion that same time. I'll send Robert a note.
    • Good Afternoon, Al
      I don't think Robert is a member of this group. I'll ship him an email and let him know about the sight.
    • Staige,
      Robert joined NavyVets but didn't join VA-85. I sent him a note. Hopefully, he'll join us soon and the reunion will get organized before long.
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