USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) was a destroyer tender, the first of her class, and designed to be a floating repair shop for ships of the U.S. Navy either in port or at sea. It was named for Samuel Gompers, a distinguished American labor leader during the late nineteenth century.

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  • On board from 74 to 78. Optical Shop.
  • Was on board june 91-nov 92. R-6 Division
  • Short tour aboard Samuel Gompers, Jan 1971 to Nov 1971. Transferred to Dixie AD-14 to fill a billet prior to deployment.
    Engineroom supervisor.
  • Today is the deadline for registration for the Reunion, and a few people have been asking if it's too late to register. It's not too late!

    Just go to http://www.samuelgompersreunion/ and print out the two forms you need. You will see on the registration form there is a late fee of $30. until end of August...I put that ...there because I really need a good head count before I order the Gompers schwag and pay the tour company next week.

    I will waive the extra five dollar fee for everybody who gets their registration forms in by Friday August 6...those who wait longer to register will pay $30.00 instead of $25.00
  • Hello Shipmates! If you are coming to the reunion please send your registration in! The deadline for registration is sneaking up on us! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the reunion
  • We are on Facebook now too!
  • I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Stay safe for the rest of the holidays.
  • After spending 19 months on the ground in I Corps, RVN; I boardedd the Sammy G in San Diego; February, 1971 until EOAS Nov. 6, 1972. Served in 'R' Division; DCPO shack (right behind Chief's Mess, Starboard.)

    The one WESPAC; 9 months long was where she became Fast Attack Tender (FatSam) while deployed to VietNam.
  • Hey Robert,

    Let me first say that I'm glad that you joined this site...the names and information is priceless.

    You bring back the early 1970's in such memoriable fashion, with such cool-ass sailors as Steve-bo; who was married and lived off base, where I used to hang out and cop my trees from...the boys couldn't hang out there too long because of the Misses. I forgot about Battle Larry, and Artis; I am so impressed by that brain of yours!

    A few things; one, are you still living in Cincinnati? Secondly, I sent you an e-mail in your "inbox" on this site. I prefer that you use my "yahoo" for personal dialog and we can use this site for the rest of the naval crew when we take a stroll down memory lane, so I need your personal e-mail address because I want to sent you some picture.

    Speaking of picture, I appreciate you adding a photo, but I want to send you plus you send me a photo of our navy days. We are both older our our present photos doesn't give us justice when we were thirty-one or two years younger. My memory is not as sharp as yours...sorry:-( Next time I talk to my family, I want to make sure I represent you in the most proper and respectful way; so shoot me a naval pic to my yahoo account and I will do the same for you.

    Anyway Robert, you have made my! I'm looking forward in continuing this wonderful conversation...oh, by the way, I see JB periodically, we hang out and talk; I told him to sign up on this site but he says that most the members was on Sammy way after he got off, and couldn't relate to his time...well, maybe he might reconsider this point of view after reading some of your comments...thanks for the thoughts! Let's keep in touch.
  • Hey Marlon/Aangel, I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, I knew chili Will from Baltimore, Curt from Chicago, Larry Wilcox, Steve Brown from L.A. and his cousin Artis, Petty Officer Owens, and Battle from Virginia.
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I am a "plank owner" member of the commissioning crew for the Gompers with Capt. Risch. I served on her from July 1967 until the spring of 1970, when I was transferred to USS Southerland DD-743, the first ship into Tokyo Bay after the Japanese surrender at the end of WW2. I was in the Interior Communications shop, R-3 Division as a gyrocompass technician. My brother enlisted the year after me and also became an IC fireman and served with me on the Gompers for three years and one WESPAC tour. I…

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UPDATE: 2012 USS Samuel Gompers Reunion San Antonio, TX

Greetings Shipmates! 2012 AD-37 REUNION UPDATE: This year's Hosts are DC3 Robert and  SHSN Inette Dominguez WHEN: OCTOBER 19, 20, and 21.WHERE: Downtown San Antonio, Tx. (right on the Riverwalk).Registration is $90.00 per person (includes the Banquet Dinner) Hotel rooms are $105 per night single/double occupancy at the historic St. Anthonys Wyndham Hotel  For more info go to

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