USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) was a destroyer tender, the first of her class, and designed to be a floating repair shop for ships of the U.S. Navy either in port or at sea. It was named for Samuel Gompers, a distinguished American labor leader during the late nineteenth century.

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  • I remember the casrep on the forth o July, I was assigned to repair locker 5 for GQ. what way to ruin a GOOD BAR B QUE
  • Craig what a great memory...yes, but I believe that we broke down twice on two WesPac. The one I could never forget was the one in 1975; we just left the Peal heading for P I, the Fat Boy broke down and we ended up creeping or towed to Okinawa, Japan. Is that the one you're talking about Craig? By the way, were you in the boiler room?
  • Marlon, you mentioned the ship going dead in the water during one of your WesPacs. Was that when she blew her main steam turbine during the 4th of July bar-b-q? She was just out of Pearl Harbor adn made her way back on the low pressure turbine because Capt. Gardner didn't want to be towed.
  • Well Mary, aren't you the coolest. Too bad we served at different times, we would have had fun together...thanks for the seahunt...I look forward in seeing what ever you have:-)
  • The FAI hats are still red...yep....and I like the "hearing aid" ear protectors best, because otherwise I can't hear anything.

    The pic (2 of 98) on Asche's profile looks right to me....I have a ton of pictures on my external drive, that I have been collecting for a photo slide show for the reunion...I know there are quite a few of the berthing, and some of the mess decks. I will try and find them this weekend and send them to you for your book.
  • it still red after all these years:-) David, I haven't looked at the pic yet, but if Mary says it's authentic...then it must be true. I wonder if somebody had took pictures of the chow-hall, sleeping quarters, commissary, etc.. I'm writhing a book that will be coming out next year, I have a section where talk about fatty Sam. The name of it is, Existence Of Intelligence. By the way the stero phones:-)
  • Yep, it looks just like I remember!
  • David, it would be great to see the picture...if it is ok, I will add it to my collection of pictures for our reunion slide show.

    Marlon, I am laughing at your long lost pimp suit!
  • Revised: Hong Kong was where I left my tailor made pimp suit because I lost my purchase money in a crap game...sorry!
  • Sam & I had a relationship between Dec. '72 - Aug. '75, sea-sick most of my 2 wespac, but dealt w/ it...2nd Division was where I did my dirt...Olongapo was where I party, and Hong Kong was I left my tailor made pimp suit because I lost my money in a crap game. Big Sam broke down in the middle of the freak'n ocean on my last leg. Sam didn't have women during my I didn't have a pleasure to cruise with sailors like Mary Snider...maybe it was best that way :-) temptation was last thing I face was in a bed pan anyway. To all you salty dogs, we served the fat boy you, I miss the dude...may Sammy rest in peace.
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I am a "plank owner" member of the commissioning crew for the Gompers with Capt. Risch. I served on her from July 1967 until the spring of 1970, when I was transferred to USS Southerland DD-743, the first ship into Tokyo Bay after the Japanese surrender at the end of WW2. I was in the Interior Communications shop, R-3 Division as a gyrocompass technician. My brother enlisted the year after me and also became an IC fireman and served with me on the Gompers for three years and one WESPAC tour. I…

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UPDATE: 2012 USS Samuel Gompers Reunion San Antonio, TX

Greetings Shipmates! 2012 AD-37 REUNION UPDATE: This year's Hosts are DC3 Robert and  SHSN Inette Dominguez WHEN: OCTOBER 19, 20, and 21.WHERE: Downtown San Antonio, Tx. (right on the Riverwalk).Registration is $90.00 per person (includes the Banquet Dinner) Hotel rooms are $105 per night single/double occupancy at the historic St. Anthonys Wyndham Hotel  For more info go to

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