The third USS Proteus (AS-19) was a Fulton-class submarine tender in the United States Navy.
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  • I was on the Proteus from May of 84 To May 87. Made Chief in 1985.

  • I was Attached to the pro from 1988-1990 in the Optical Shop R-2 Division. Worked at Andy's Hut for awhile.

  • Served on the Proteus 68'/69'. Nav. Divison. QM3.

  • On board Proteus from Oct 78 until the arrival of the HUNLEY then transferred  to HUNLEY.  I worked in personnel for PNCM Weidner doing TLA claims.

  • Served on board Old Pro out on Guam from 84-89.  R-7 Div O/Planning Officer, DCA, and eventually CHENG.  Had a chance to return to Guam various times in the following years.  Other than being in command; nothing in my career topped AS-19 and Guam!

  • Feels like home, I spent a lot of time on the Big "P".  May -'61 to June '67, then again July '77 til Aug '79. Charleston, Holy Lock, Rota, Guam, and Long Beach.  I met a lot of good people, had a lot of good times.
  • I left her in 1987,i was a QA superviser in R-8 div.....And i boated and dived the hell out of that island. Our son born there in 1986, great place to live.
  • Served on board 1989 to decommissioning. I was on until we turned her over to the Naval Shipyard in Bremerton.
  • I was onboard the Ol Pro while she was in Guam, from 1982-1984. S-2 Division; night cook, DCPO. Phillipines (a few times), Hong Kong, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Freemantle and Darwin trip for this former yooper!
  • The old "Pro", R-6 Division. Operation Fiery Vigil. P.I. Did 3 years on her. Worked in the foundry 1988 - 1991. Friends Dan Osborne, Shawn Greene, Rey Pamalo, Dave McKown.
    Guam, what a beautiful place to be homeported. Kind of wish that I had never left.
    I didn't De-comm. her. All male enlisted.
    Lots of plaques and too many wire rope sockets.
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