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  • Here is a website you can print some nice photo of patches
    <a href="http://http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-l/clg4-x.htm" target="_blank">http://http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-l/clg4-x.htm</a&gt;

  • Looking for a USS Little Rock Ship's patch, served 197 to 1972. Any onfor would be appreciated

  •  10-4 Henry nice to hear from all the shipmate old salts again I kinda miss the good times we had especially my boats and the helm on her.

  • I brought the Rock back to Phila from Geata Italy was HTCS on her and we had to take up some of the wooden deck and make souvenirs for the Decom Crew  Have been to see her once in Buffalo  

  • Frenchie, right?  I went by Earl during my time on the Rock.  I was in FM division with Mike and Vance.  Mike was Best Man at my wedding, and we will spend about five days with him in Nashville in October. 

  • Oh! Henry! The name of my band on board the "Rock" was Barfels Backwater Boys" even though we were not so keen on Country we did some Country Rock as well as others during my stint.

  • I help with the week-long working party on the ROCK every spring in Buffalo, but more importantly, I do line drawings of warships in AutoCAD.  I've attache one of LITTLE ROCK for anyone that wants it.  Do what you want with it and enjoy.  Thanks for your serviceCLG-4.pdf

  • Roland, what was the name of your band?

  •  I was in charge of 1st Lt. Div during my stint aboard her and had a band on board ship that played in Italy,Greece among USO gigs too! Nobody could go on liberty without my gang bringing them in.

  • while at HTA School Philadelphia,Penn. I was assigned to a decom. working party this was my first boarding of a Naval ship ,up to this point 1976

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Your STories are Needed

All right everyone … Here is your chance to contribute and have your stories published in an upcoming book. I have been asked by one of our veteran’s organizations here in my community to help write a book consisting of stories from crew members of various ships and commands. The stories can be true events or they can be those famous “sea stories” we all know and love so well. What they want is for sailors from the past to contribute their versions of stories “as they remember them”. I have…

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Just Checking In

I was attached to the Little Rock from January 1970 until September 1971 after we brought her back from Gaeta.  I was an FTG3 assigned to "G" Division. I worked for "Little Joe" Ledweg and Chief Watson.  Just thought I would check in and see if anyone else I knew was a member here.

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Drawing of LITTLE ROCK

To all LITTLE ROCK vets, I help with the week-long working party on the ROCK in Buffalo every spring. But, more importantly, I do line drawings of warships in AutoCAD.  Anyone that wants one of the ROCK, I've attached the PDF file here.  Enjoy it and thanks for your service.Rod Joye, BT@USS WM V. PRATT (DLG-13)USS MITSCHER (DDG-35)USS JOHN KING (DDG-3)CLG-4.pdf

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