A Dealey-class destroyer escort, named after Fred Faulkner Lester, a Navy Medical Corpsman serving with the U.S. Marines during the battle of Okinawa, who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.
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  • Don, I won't be able to come this year but I expect my finances to be a lot better next year. I'll start planning now for my trip then.

  • I agree 100% Don. And I thank you for joining this Lester group. The Lester had a bunch of good men riding around on her. Were you aboard when she went to Bermuda?

  • Hey Larry Peacock what's going on. I finally found this page. I talked to Dave Guyear last week and we were talking about our days on the Lester. We talkl to each other about every 2-3 months. Its nice to talk to some of your old shipmates. Hope you can make it to the Lester reunion.

  • Yes I remember old Eddie. Be sure to tell him hello for me. He's doing alright I guess?  I'm in Ga. Don is in Chicago. Where you & Eddie from. Eddie was kinda tall wasn't he?  Try to get him to join this group if you can. What was your rate Freddie? I reread your first comment & know why I don't remember the gunboats. I came on around Nov. of '69. Do you have contact with anybody else from the Lester? OK I guess I'll talk to you later.

  • I remember you Larry, and Don.  You probably remember Eddie Bartlett.  He was a GM and lives near me.  I married his sister in law after the Navy.

  • Hey Freddie. I thought I'd give you a yell. Do you remember a Don Shields or a Mark Priest that work in admin. Or Steven Kirchhoff that was an EM-3. He was on there about the same time we were. I was just alerted today on Steven & sent him a message to join this group.  David Guyear was a Gunners Mate like me. He & I have kept in touch for 41 years. Kinda tells how old we are I guess. Well hope to hear from you again soon.

  • Welcome aboard, Freddie. Glad to have you. Please if you will mention this site to any old shipmates that were there with us.  My old memory can't recall the gunboats right off hand. Wish I could. I imagine it was a trying time. Later...

  • I served on the USS Lester from Feb. 1969 until about Nov. 1970.  Anyone remember the time in Gitmo when we were surrounded by Cuban gunboats?

  • OK, Shipmates from the USS Lester DE 1022. Lets get some more members on here. Lester was a small ship but I know there's plenty of you out there who where on board. I was a GMG3 when I was on there from 11/1969 to 08/1972. Retired in 1989 as a GMG1. Looking to hear from you.
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Hi Everyone from the Lester. Sept 4th is the reunion of the Dealeys and its in Boston Ma. Would like to see a better turn out from the Lester. Its nice to get together with you navy friends from years ago and shoot the bull have a nice dinner and visit a different city ever year. I'm looking forward to hear or see from some of the Lesters guys.

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