USS DIXON was the second ship in the L. Y. SPEAR - class of submarine tenders designed and fitted to accommodate attack submarines
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  • I was a diver on the Dixon from 1981 to 1983.
  • Looking for a USS Dixon Ship's Patch. Anyone know where I can find one.

  • BM2 Powers (Mamaboats), R-6 Div, Rigger's Loft.  1988-1990

  • I was aboard for the 1st WestPac/Indian Ocean cruise in May '81. I was LPO of the Canvas Shop. We had the first contingent of female sailors that ever went WestPac. Spent some time anchored at Diego Garcia. We did some SERIOUS Sub support while there. Be good to hear from others that were onboard during that cruise.

  • I was onboard Dixon from Aug 71 to Sept 74.  I was a BT2 in  the fireroom.  I also was the oil king the last year I was there.  We weren't underway much but we were lit off 24/7/365 (no shore power).  Amazing how much power those nuke subs take when along side.  Lots of maintenance on machinery when you steam that much!

  • I was stationed on her from 1982-85, in the IC Repair shop.

  • Was on board from 1986 -1989 R-6 Pattern shop.

  • On board in optical shop 1973

  • R@ Div was an EN! and had the high pressure and Hydraulic shop most of the time on board
  • My first ship from 1983 to 1985. Was in Repair till they found out the Master Chief that was on watch when I reported had sent me to the wrong department. He was an old shipmate of my brother who was with me when I reported. I ended up in the Engine Room.
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