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  • Joined August 2, 1967; retired September 1, 1997 at the Navy Memorial on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

  •  I hear it is true if Obama care passes  I like TRICARE but not at  345% increase. I hope these people get some Common sense in Washington!

  • Ya you know Arthur, I would too

  • Iretired in 1972 after serving 20 years. was the USS hyman DD732,USS Preble DD936 trasure lsland.newport war college,and i would do it again if i could.

  • Is this true About Tricare Premiums going up 345% or is this just BS. If this is true Where did you get this info from and what website. I would like to read this ARTICLE, if it is true.

  • OM1 (SW) 1964 to 1885 - AR's, AS's, AD's - Started as RD from reserves. HI all


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    Joined in August 1964 and completed a little over 8 years and got out , then I enlisted agin in Feb 1979 and retired Oct 1992. During the broken service with the navy I was in the army reserve.

    Vietnam vet MSB,s out of Na Bae

    I enjoyed the times in the navy and would do it all over again If I could.


    served in to many area to mention

  • i retired off of the uss niragra falls afs-3. flew from clark afb to travis afb retired in feb 1979 the best decisiojn i  ever made

  • Jerry Ballard SH1(sw) Ship's photographer, MAA                                        USS Anchorage LSD-36 1994-1996

    USS Prairie AD-15 1984-1990
    USS Alamo LSD-33 1974-1977
    USS Constellation CV-64 1977-1979
    USS Anchorage LSD-36 1994-1996
    USS Mount Vernon LSD-39 1996-1996 (Special Orders)

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retiredin 1996

active duyt from sept 1976-sept 1996 as A BT.Retired as a BT! my fault but I don't cry in my milk I always agreed with work and play hard much like most of us dinosaurs unlike our politically correct navy is now.Spent tours at ntc great lakes 2 tours on the uss Nashville also on the uss coral sea and 2 tours at sima Norfolk on the uss Belknap and finally the uss Yellowstone. Good times made a lot of friends and also saw a lot of really stupid people. glad Im retired though and some of those…

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Those of you seeking information on retiring here in the Philippines might want to check this out.Retired Activities Office (RAO) Subic Bay, Philippines.hope to see you soon Shipmates!!

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One Huge Event

Greetings fellow Navy retirees! I served for twenty five years, and have told many sea stories. I like to categorize them just a little by putting them into Liberty wild tale type things, and Operations this is what happened on an exercise or evolution type thing. Do you have a really BIG EVENT that was very cool or maybe not so cool that you would like to tell the rest of us old salts?

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