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  • Me and Charlie Gundelfinger had a wild night in TJ once.  He was in the class just behind mine at Molder A school.  I was in 7201 and he was in 7202.

  • Hello MLC Terry Harris. I was next door at pier 21 on the AD-18. 59-63 The Sierra may have been moved when you were on the AD-26. I was at the ML-A & B school from 68-71, then back to DATC 76-77. I heard Charles Gundelfinger made either warrant or ensign. Can't remember now where I got that information, probably Wendel Holmes. I'm sure we both know a lot of the same people. Good to see you on here. Welcome Aboard.

  • Hey Terry, if you click on my name it will take you to my page.  I have written a  lot of stories and you may know some of the people I was with.  I have lots of pictures as well.  Welcome aboard!

  • Hello everyone I'm Terry E. Harris MLC Retired and about to retire from civilian foundy work. I ran across the US Navy Molders web site and felt a need to join I had a very colorfull career and I will never forget the people I worked with so many memories. Alot of liberty stories and lots one of a kind job related stories one never forgets. Looking forward to hearing from some old shipmates. Thanks I'll check in later God Bless our service men and women.



  • Larry Allen Johnson posted a blog post

    Old molders

    Anybody know these names ? MLC Chappel, MLC Dan McDonald, Darrel Bohnert, Brad Blanchard, Bob McField, Owen Jones, Jim Goodwin, Keith Clark, PM2 Larry Walker. Most of these guys were Dixon sailers.See More
  • Anyone got a 20 on Mike Jensen-Hammer. Shipmate and fellow Molder, Brad Gagnon from the Frank Cable is trying to get a message to him. Thanks


  • I just went through the old conversations on here and noticed a lot of my comments were removed when I logged off of Navy Vets, and that makes the conversations seem all weird and "What the Hell???!!!"

    I regret that.  Sorry to have done that now and would like to rewrite it all, but can't be done.  It was great to be a Navy Molder.  I did a lot of good things and knew  lot of good people.


  • ANY of you fellow MOLDERS that may be having a hard time with a MESOTHELIOMA case, plese contact me.


    I do not know if I can help you, but I have some INFORMATION you can use.  I will send it via E-MAIL to your address.

  • If any of you sand crabs are out there, have a Merry Christmas.  If you don't celebrate Christmas, have a good day anyway.

  • David- glad you're doing better!

    Henry- Captain's Caddy- funny! I also had a classmate at J school- after we moved over to NTC- who gave a chief or senior chief a ration of crap because he didn't know what an ML was!!! (Even funnier- he thought the chief was giving him a hard time- didn't realize the guy was SERIOUS!)


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Posablly seeing about starting up a navy molders museum?

I know they dismissed our rate back in 1997. I would hope there are enough of us left to possably  get together and see about creating a museum somewhere  here in the states to preserve our long history and heritage that we all have shared as Molders. Any of you out there please give me a response if you read this Discussion.                                      Thanks.

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any one know these molders

Red Jackson antiock ,ca was at point lomaFrank Albriton ,Kansas Woodie “woodward”Guy that worked on Ferry in Gito before a school as deck ape  don’t remember name  he was married“Pete “Peterson Utah had a little devil tat on from Orgen He was on tend at PearlPhil Hile he was from Ohio near Va borderOney from the OrionWayne Hopkins New port news VaSteve Chub , from south carTom from Euclid ,ohFred Smith was on Guam with paternmaker  Ron “Scotty” ScottA 1 st class ml that had a 32 Ford pickup he…

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