if Fenton heard you call him a chief...i bet he would say the same as when we did it then...what do you think i am an Indian..???.. Im a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy ..and Greeson...the calmer of the 2 would still call us shitbirds you remember George...Price...or Norwood ...what was the yomans name ..?..real tall guy from Kentucky...i cant recall RCPOs name..?? I'd love to talk to Fenton..i liked him...i could tell he liked me too...he would talk to me while i was in the cockroach position...often... time sure flys  

  • Hi William.. 

    I was in C021... I was the guidon.  I still have the 'C021' flag.

    • Was that in 1970?  I was in C021,but had a reaction to the flew shot and got put in sickbay for a week. Then reassigned to C022 which was the where they dumped all the f*&k ups. 


  • I was the RCPO of K015, better known as Reilly's Rainbow. We won the CO's white flag. Awesome company. Guys in C021 were really nice, squared away.

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