Crossing of the Arctic Circle (66-32 North latitude). Also known as the "Northern Domain of the Polar Bear" or "Blue Nose."
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  • oh yeah I never did see Santa Claus
    I was looking everywhere
  • Still waitin to go to the South Pole
    Haven't had the opportunity yet
  • Went there in 1970 in a P - 3 Orion (VP - 10) from Iceland
    Flew up there so an E - 9 Master Chief could reup for one
    more enlistment. He did it over the North Pole. It was really
    Kool and I was a bit scare being so far NORTH
  • I crossed the line on the USS Patrick Henry SSB(N) 599 (Blue Crew) in June 1963
  • I became a Blue Nose In 1980 while on the Jesse L Brown on a North Atlantic Cruise
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Blue Nose patches

I sell two types.  See at: for the Northern Run patch and the same url except change the 006 to 050 for the Blue Nose patch. I have talked with Richard H. just last evening on the phone. Ron

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