For those Navy Hospital Corpsmen who served in the United States Navy and/or the United States Marine Corps.

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  • Better yet, put that uniform back on! Join the veteran crew on a Navy historical ship!  The billet we filled as Corpsmen is one that has an important role to fulfill as so many of the vets that serve on the museum ships are "older than many of us"!

    That would be a little tough for you Ron! They don't have a ship in AZ ....yet!

  • Volunteer!  I spent 30 years as Healthcare Administrator. All the local hospitals need volunteers, you set the hours, do as you want, and not responsible for others, LOL

  • To Stephen Miland; Welcome to RETIREMENT. UGH! Your not alone in this category.It takes time to adjust, find the local library and sing up for something that trips your trigger.

  • I am Stephen M. Miland.  I was a Corpsman from 68-72.  I went to Vietnam and was stationed at NSA Danang Station Hospital 69-70'.  Work in Receiving one and two.  I went to Nursing school in 1977 and spent 32 years as an RN and 25 years in ICU.  I just retired a couple months ago and now I am bored as hell.DocSteve.jpg.  (I'm on the left)

  • To: Douglas James Riley,  I agree Kerry would have been as bad or worse being that he was in the Navy.

  • Attended Corps School at Great Lakes late 85-early 86 after spending two weeks at the hospital for Chicken Pox right out of boot camp- sad to see it's no longer around. Then was sent to the original Balboa, San Diego April 86 (also no longer there) where I worked in supply room from 6 months. Attended the Orthopedic Tech program and worked with some of the smartest MD's met. Transferred to Naval Hospital JAX 1989 and worked in the ER and surgery ward until June 1990. BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE! So glad to have found this site. 

  • Ricard Fegley - it could have been worse, they could've asked Kerry to present it!
  • It was good to see another medal of honor given to a true American Hero, yesterday.  BUT, watching that guy from 1600 Pennsylavnia Ave doing it was so revolting to me.  That man is not worthy to give out flea collars to a dog...

    Honor is what is shown by "our" military and it is dishonored with the leadership

    of America's current president, senate, congress as well as the supreme court.

    Leadership is being shown by one person in a leadership role.  The lone star state looks to be doing ok with its Leadership.


  • Do any of my fellow Corpsman realize we had a name change a year ago.  We are now "corpseman" according to that guy at 1600 pennsylvania ave.  Is anyone else pissed off at such intentional disrespect of our fellow corpsman that died saving others.

    David King, I too have my unit one from its issue to me in 1973.  I recently purchased another one from a surplus store near me.  But that one was empty, so I had to stock it myself.

  • I attended HCS SDiego 8/62-11/62. I was Assistant PO of our company.

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Hats Off to All my fellow Corpsman!

This is my first day on here and I am so pleased and proud to find it.I spent my time 1969-1974 active, from Orlando Boot to San Diego Corps School, CHELSEA Naval Hospital, Senior Corpsman of Ward 14, Dirty Orthopedics and then Camp Lenjeune 2nd Amtracs, Force Troops, Camp Lejeune.Have been in healthcare ever since as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I gave my first breathing treatment in 1970......Thank you All for your Service!!!Curt Hiller, HM3

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navy hospital corpsmen

may 31 1956 was the day i graduated from hospital corps school great lakes. spent 18 months at the philly naval hospital working on locked ward t-18. gave electric shock treatments 3 times a week. went to argentia newfoundland, naval air station base hospital from 1958 thru 1959. best years of my life.

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Fleet Marine Force Service medal/ribbon

The Navy has yet to recognize the FMF service of thousands of Grunt Docs who have served side by side with the Marines for generations. In 1984 then Navy Secretary Lehman came out with an FMF ribbon but only for FMF service after 1984.The Navy should either recognize all of us Grunt Docs or none at all; choosing only those whose FMF service was post 1984 is a slap in the face to PRE-1984 FMF Hospital Corpsmen.FMF Ribbon service post 1984.gif

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