For those Navy Hospital Corpsmen who served in the United States Navy and/or the United States Marine Corps.

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  • Rick,David beat me to it. Our tunnels were at Naval Hospital-Boston in Chelsea,MA. I'm betting a lot of the military hospitals were built with tunnels. 9/11/01 reminded us of how there were once concerns of us being attacked here at home.Especially the two world wars.

    David, if I remember right (which can be questioned) those tunnels had a few branches. One ran from the Dependant's Hospital up the hill to the main building and branched off to a couple of other buildings on the way. When I was there in 73, the waves were in the enlisted barracks with us.


    Doug Wean,HM2/USN

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  • Are there any corpmen out there that were stationed at the Naval Hospital Beaufort South Carolina during the early 70`s? I was there from Aprilm 1971 to May 1973. Larry Petersen of Terra Haute Indian if you are out there please contact your old friend at Beaufort, Martin E. Kinsey. I have a page on this web site, marty.

  • The tunnel I was referencing was at the Chelsea Naval Hospital...ran from the Enlisted barracks to the woman's barracks I think...

  • 8404,  I was on modified "independent" duty with Marine EOD/Ammo company from late 1975 to 1977.  That was on Okinawa at that time we had 6 members blown up.  I would have been one of them but that day I had stayed at Camp Honoko with a knee injury.  The HM3 that came to help me and cover the EOD guys recieved several injuries.  I generally help set the charges so I had GOD watching out for me that day.  I went to FMS at Camp Pendelton.   Before that I was at Inshore Undersea Warfare Group ONE, Spec. Warfare Group ONE,  at North Island, Calif.  That was from 1972 or 73 until 1975.

  • Comment for Jim - Was this tunnel you speak of at Bethesda?  The one that ran from the main bldg (?) to the training bldg?  I have some memories of that tunnel.  Some good and others not so.  I think I must have ran a buffer up and down that tunnel enough times to qualify for a marathon.  I also remember a small room about midway that the Chiefs and HM1s had a constant running card game going.

    I'm thinking though back in the early 70's that red head, blond, brunette or zebra striped, there was someone conducting training on 'tunnel touching'.

  • My Best Randall! Thanks!

  • WELCOME HOME Doug Wean!

  • <<< Damn proud 8404

  • I'm an 'old' 8404, Vietnam Vet. 3rd Marine Division,1967-68!

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Hats Off to All my fellow Corpsman!

This is my first day on here and I am so pleased and proud to find it.I spent my time 1969-1974 active, from Orlando Boot to San Diego Corps School, CHELSEA Naval Hospital, Senior Corpsman of Ward 14, Dirty Orthopedics and then Camp Lenjeune 2nd Amtracs, Force Troops, Camp Lejeune.Have been in healthcare ever since as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I gave my first breathing treatment in 1970......Thank you All for your Service!!!Curt Hiller, HM3

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navy hospital corpsmen

may 31 1956 was the day i graduated from hospital corps school great lakes. spent 18 months at the philly naval hospital working on locked ward t-18. gave electric shock treatments 3 times a week. went to argentia newfoundland, naval air station base hospital from 1958 thru 1959. best years of my life.

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Fleet Marine Force Service medal/ribbon

The Navy has yet to recognize the FMF service of thousands of Grunt Docs who have served side by side with the Marines for generations. In 1984 then Navy Secretary Lehman came out with an FMF ribbon but only for FMF service after 1984.The Navy should either recognize all of us Grunt Docs or none at all; choosing only those whose FMF service was post 1984 is a slap in the face to PRE-1984 FMF Hospital Corpsmen.FMF Ribbon service post 1984.gif

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