Who remebers cleaning the stacks and the soot in the stacks turned into an acid that burned the piss out of your eye's and any cuts you had and the lagging that was full of asbestos. The Chicago was a great ship to be on.

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  • Never had the "Pleasure" of cleaning stacks on the Ranger. I did make a second home out in the back of the steam drum.

  • People still don't believe me that we had to clean the stacks. My Merchant friends still look at me weird when I mention it to them! LOL

  • That was good times! Firesides& Punching tubes!
  • Yeah, I remember cleaning stacks and boilers, and also removing and replacing all the asbestos insulation during yard periods.  Now I have it all in my lungs.  USS Lester (DE1022) & USS Semmes (DDG18)

  • How about crawling inside the boiler to do "firesides" and come out with the only thing clean were your eye-balls?   LOL Man, Thomas, you opened a vault loaded with memories!

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