sprayer plates

nsfo sucked f-76 was pretty good burning jp-5 you could burn but superheater temps woud be higher and it did burn cleaner but was expensive to burn in a boiler and we made ourown overloads on the coral sea drilled out some 11s and made 9s for full power runs and wartimeuse. Steaming an m-type with no abc"s was a real challenge but it made the watch go by fast.

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  • The reason you drilled out 11s and made 9s was because with F-76 we lost 15% BTU's when converted. Superheat temps. were not higher, they were lower. I know, I went through the conversion. The B&W M type boiler was the best ever built. It was the work horse of the fleet for years. But yes F-76/DFM did burn cleaner and moved firesides to watersides every 1800 hours.

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