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  • Say all still around at 75 now and doing ok BB Lyle HTCM and Paul Cullen HTC/WO3 still hanging in there & HT1 Nickerson still ok in Fla   also HT1 / WO4 DeLange is in Calif 

    Any one out there in our time give me a shout 

  • Looks like I'm one of the "old (DC forever) guys" here. Started about June 1970. Didn't spend much time in Philly cause at that time I could fly home to Cleveland on weekends for $25 Military standby!!
    After graduation I was assigned to the USS Mispillion AO-105 where I spent the rest of my 3 year enlistment.

  • Say all you HT-A students from 81-84 yep still kicking @74 been drawing that retirement check for 33 years now HT -A school was my last command before i retired . Haven't heard form any HT students . Note HTCM BB Lyle is also still around at 80+ years living a Altona Pa also HTC Paul Cullen retired as WO3 and living in Eljay Ga 

  • Was in HT "A" school in 1974 Great time !!

  • Went through Damage Control Fire School in mid 1966.

  • I was the Senior Instructor at the Fire School from 81 -84  any one remember me  i am still around

  • I was in HT "A" School in Philadelphia from November 1976 through March of 1977. Good times! Been back there with my job a few times but not anything left of the school. I can't even find where the USS Buttercup was! LOL

  • Yep and I have been told the Philly school is also gone.

  • Damage Control School...San Francisco Nov. 1969  Treasure Island...  School is gone. did you guys have a "buttercup"  Sec.of Destroyer  which you save from sinking or NOT!

  • I was there from Feb-May 1985.
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