NAS Whiting Field is the busiest Naval Air Station in the world, responsible for an estimated 46 percent of the Chief of Naval Air Command's total flight time and over 10 percent of Navy and Marine Corps total flight time.
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  • I was station at Whiting Fld. from 1959 to 1961.  I was there when it was changed to the VT.  I still remember picking up paper along the highway for 6 months with X division.

  • I was stationed at NAAS Whiting Fld. in 1958-59. It was a training facility for NAVCAD's and the primary aircraft was the T-28. Initially I worked in the SIO office as a journalist striker. Then I was sent TAD to Great Lakes for JO School. I returned to Whiting and continued as a journalist for a time, then transferred to South Fld. and worked in the logs and jackets office.

    I'm wondering if anyone remembers the singing group The Blue Notes. They were all part of my group of friends and I sure would like to reconnect, if any of them are still with us.

  • 1979-1981 Galley 

  • I'm looking for anyone who was stationed or who may have knew some of the sailors who worked for base security in 1980....  or in the personnel/disbursing office in 1980.


    Please help.


  • There in 1963 mostly in the galley liked the pool
    2 hamburgers for $1. 00 2 gallons of gas $1.00.
  • Served at NAS Whiting aboard VT-2 from June of 1969 to June of 1972, WC 140 Calendar Inspection crew and CDI.3439421768?profile=original

  • VT-3 was on top of the hill. Board Boy. 1969-1971. Scheduling.Worked at unit 3. Basic instruments and radio instruments. T-28s all over the place. Commander Sheets,was unit leader.Worked with some great pilots. Met many pilots in Keflavik, Iceland.71-72. VP-49. P-3s another great plane.

  • I was stationed at Whiting Field '74-'75 in the Dispensary. I worked in Aviation Medicine.
  • Has anyone ever heard of a Senior Chief Darrel B. Hahn. He was my line division chief back in 1979 at VT 6
  • Was at Whiting in 73-75, Control tower supervisor, north and south tower, was there before south changed to Helo's, and VT-3 had 150 Aircraft, largest in the Navy, before they broke them up and sent all the tailhookers to Corpus.......some good times.............3439407912?profile=original

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I checked into NAS Whiting after NAS Lakehurst A school, in January 71. I was there for three months and sent to OLF Middleton 65 miles north on Whiting. Evergreen, Alabama: USN you've got to be kidding.One crash made the rescue all souls on board safe. Other than that lots of touch a goes, and wheels watch. 

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vt3 tour 80-82

I got stationed at VT-3 from june 1980 -june 1982. eventually got into the schedules and ran the office for about 1 year as a BT2. A far cry from my usual job but never the less it was my first shore tour and was pretty good. A few people I still remember because they really stood out. one was BTC jerry owens PN2 sue morris and ynsn molly driscoll I would have married that woman she was great. met abh2 steve lyon there and were still friends after all these years. molly was from cherry hill…

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