Naval Air Station, Cecil Field, Florida
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  • I went there last Oct, the air field side is packed with new stuff and a lot of traffic. Sadly the part where the barracks were are all gone. Only thing you see where the barracks and galley was are the parking lots. Both the old one's by the field are gone and the new one 's that were by the clinic are also gone. The clinic is still there , the old mcdonalds is there just closed, the gym is suprisingly open, and the garage infront of thw tennis courta are there but closed.
  • Arrived at Cecil Field in May 1965 and was assigned to VA-87 attack squadron. Was ATR tech and also nuclear weapons loading team. Really enjoyed my tour in Jacksonville. Was discharged after serving 4 years with the Navy. Met a lot of good people from all over the U.S. Only been back once and the base was closed then. Glad to hear that it is thriving once more.

  • I often wonder about Cecil Fields current state. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear it isn't a ghost town anymore. If you took any photos I'd love to see one

  • I visited NAS Cecil Field (aka Jacksonville Jet Port) today, 10/28/18.  The last time I did so about 10 years ago it was just an abandoned Navy base.  Today it is a thriving place with lots of major corporations and new highways built just for the facility.  There is also a huge presence of nostalgia with many of the original buildings still intact and being used.  The Air-Ops and control tower building where I worked has had lots of updates.  I am so glad I stopped and for 2 hours it felt like it was 1974 again !!!3439446530?profile=original

  • I was assigned to NAS Cecil field until the end of 1970 I was ABH and worked on crash crew at OLF Whitehouse. was this OLF still in use while you were there?

  • I was stationed at NAS Cecil Field from 12/73-04/77. Attached to AIMD/GSE.

    This was a great Base to be stationed at...and JAX was fun also. Frequently go back to Cecil to just visit old memories. Glad JAX is taking good care of her and utilizing the Runways and Hangars. Highly recommend to all of you to support the new "Cecil Field POW/MIA Memorial" at the Base Chapel.

    Until then, Blue Skies.

  • I was stationed at NAS Cecil Field from 4/67 until 4/69 at the Communications Center.  I arrived there as a SN(Radiioman Striker) and left as an RM2.  As I recall, the OIC of the commcenter was LCDR Jack Ropiak.  The base commander was Capt. Fretwell as I recall.  I left NAS Cecil Field and went to the Naval Support Facility, Communications Center, Cam Ranh Bay, RVN, from 6/69 until 6/70 at which time I returned home and discharged from the Navy.//

  • I remember one night in 1969 I went to the EM club with some "friends". I was young and couldn't hold my liquor. One guy suggested I get a triple VO and coke. On the way back to the barracks I staggered into a bush with thorns. then I took a swing at it and fell back into the thornbush. I made it to the barracks and passed out and threw up in my rack. What a stupid kid I was!

  • I arrived at Cecil Field in Apr. 69 after ABH school in Lakehurst NJ.

    I stayed until Nov. 70 I was assigned to the crash crew at OLF Whitehouse which is an "outlying field" about ten miles away. The runway was only 1/4 mile long. It was used to train pilots for carrier landings. Doing "touch and go" bounces off the runway. We sat In the MB5 crash trucks on the side of the runway during flight ops. In case of a mishap

    It was a great job. we got to leave the main base for duty but we lived at Cecil field in the barracks we worked 24 on 24 off shift I loved the Jacksonville area especially Jacksonville Beach. It was good duty for a young sailor. I wanted to stay there but after 18 months I got orders to a ship in San Diego. The

    USS Vancouver LPD2

  • I was at the clinic for the last few months I was in Florida in 83.  Really enjoyed it but definitely got hectic with a crash there.  S3 and A7 collided on runway.  Sad day there.

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OLF Whitehouse detach @Cecil Field

I was on the crash crew there in 69-70 as part of the MB5 crews We were detached from the main base and worked 24on 24off some names I can remember, Chief Piasta, Ken Vargas, Kessel,John Boggs Anthony Gebert, Al Kellner Mike Radford, Crabtree. If any of those names tease your brain, then join the discussion about Whitehouse                                                                               David De Rooy               I thought of some more names: Stucky, Gary Stone, Buck McLwain,…

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VS-31 NAS Cecil Fld.

Seems a lifetime ago. Barracks, chow hall, hangar on the flight line. Hotter than blue blazes in summer. Dropping torps south of Fort Jefferson, stopping at NAS Key West for fuel. Watching low level fuel light come on everytime pilot hit the brakes landing at Cecil. Blown tires, etc... I remember it all.

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 I was stationed at Nas Cecil Field from Jan. 1st 1975 until Apr. 1978 at w/c 620 in AIMD AE shop trying to find a couple shipmates Tom Mcmanus ,Danny  Tubbs and from the AT shop John Worrell and Jack Bass. does anyone have any info. on them?

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