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  • There in 1970
    Great friends and classmates
  • good afternoon , Looking to see if any member has a class picture from 85047B Grad date Dec 3.1985.And also a class roster. I lost mine in a house fire and would like to obtain a copy.

  • good evening Brothers and Sisters

  • I was thinking about the old roach coach that used to come to the school at noon every week day 1980

  • anyone here from 028 1980 ? April to July 

  • Graduated from Great Lakes, Hospital Corp School on August 10, 1978....Anyone out there from that year?

  • Looking for anyone from class 89130 to see how my class mates are doing. For years I have wished my naval career was not so short my knee injury and discharge have been my biggest regrets in life. But I have never lost my love for the navy and those I served with.

  • Attended Hospital Corps School late 1977 to early 1978 (Class # 78009).  Remember watching "Clutch Cargo" in the lounge before heading off to school in the AM. 

    I was Class Adjutant and was called to the XO's office- he was hopping mad- one of the females cleaning his office threw away his empty Billy Beer can, thinking it was trash and not a souvenir!

  • Attended the school end of 74

  • Rule 25 - Medical Personnel   http://www.icrc.org/customary-ihl/eng/docs/v1_cha_chapter7_rule25.

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