Come on in Shipmates. Have a seat in the First Class Lounge. We'll play a little Acey-Deuce and swap sea stories. As always, you have front of the line previleges on the Mess Decks.
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  • I retired in 1989 from Special Boat Unit 22, I was there from Sept. 1981 to Aug. 1989. I'm trying to find someone that may remember the name of a YN1 Wave that was at SBU22 toward the end of 1981 & beginning of 1982. In 1982 she went TAD to a cold climate location, like Iceland or Anartica etc. Not much to go on I know but I remain hopeful. Any info may help.
    Thanx, GMG1 Peacock (USN Ret)
  • Retired in 1990 (YN1)
  • I was a member of the First Class Association on the USS MISSISSIPPI (CGN-40) from 11/1987 to 09/16/1988 when I was selected and initiated as a Fire Controlman Chief Petty Officer (FCC).
  • I retired as a YN1 in 1974 and enjoyed every minute from working over the side, clean heads, mess cooking and compartment cleaning and being a boat cox After doing all this duties I felt that there must be something else better then this, so that is when I became a yeoman from typing up the newsletter, court martials, investigations and other duties that I will not mention. Serving aboard 4 ships, 4 shore duties, I am greatful that I saw what the Navy is all about.
    Jack E. Butler
  • New to this FCA command. Retired as an IT1 from NCTS Washington DC; did 20 years, served onboard USS Forrestal, USS Sellers, USS LaSalle and USS Charleston.
  • OS1 on board the U.S.S. Niagara Falls fleet stores ship my LT said I didn't deserve it and if I showed up at muster with it on he would rip it off.
    I did , he didn't , and he was transferred short while later to Washington D.C. and mustered out......... glad to be aboard (I guess he was ticked because I wouldn't sign off on his sea quals)
  • CS-1(SS)
  • Third time is a charm they always say. I kept taking the test and passing but not selected. The last time I took the test, I left the exam knowing for sure I failed it. When the list came in and people were congratulating me, I thought they were kidding. I was in VP-49 at the time.
  • I made ET1 at NAS Guantanamo Bay in 1989. I was Honorably Discharged in 1993 from Great Lakes as a Master Training Specialist at ET'A' School.
  • Greetings Ship mates. Did my active duty time onboard Tarawa LHA1 from 76 to 79... Made OS1 while in the reserves attached to NR ASWOC 0273 out of NAF DETROIT
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Made BT! in march83 never made chief part was my fault but you cant change the past.Had a boot chief give me 3.2 evals because I wouldnt help him move to navy housing. B ut I wasa damn good BT and proud of that rating badge.and I would do it all over again

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