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  • I attended Engineman A school June 71 to August 71. Had a great time but all we learned was gray marine 671s since that was what all the boats in nam were running. A little AC&R and some other engines. Also remember thar solar gas turbine fire pump!
  • Welcome aboard, Georgia
  • I attended Engineman "A" School in February 1990. After reading other posts I am the youngest on here LOL I really enjoyed the school and glad I chose that.

  • I was the the one who man the wooden bar doors that when from the office to the classroom, chief Moran wanted them built
  • I was in Engineman A school 1964
  • I went to Enc Package coure in 1967 and then shippeds to Vietnam on MSB"s Had broken service and return to the navy and taught ENA School  79 to 81 How many remember ENCMC Mc Millian
  • 3439408609?profile=originalHere's one for my fellow Detroit and GM grease monkeys!
  • 3439408666?profile=originalHere's one for all you fellow Cataplillar grease monkeys!
  • I attended "A" school in 77, General Motors Technician "C" in 1979 and Catapillar D399 Technician "C" in 1979.
  • . I attended "A" school in '61 and then was sent back by the ship in July of '63 to take the "C" schools for the Fairbanks 38D 81/8th . after having such a good time there I reinlisted in 1964 and requested the entire Engineman "C" school as a incentive. sooo... I spent the next few months going from one engine class to the next.. Something memorable was we Blew up the Boeing Solar 1000 gas turbine when setting the over speed trip on the governor.. put 11 people in the hospital from the shrapnel. (not me) turns out there was a mis-statement in the instruction manual. we can discuss that further in the future if you like.
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