Underway Rearming off the Coast of Cuba.Cuban Quarantine, October, 1962
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  • Kenneth,

    Welcome Aboard Shipmate!


  • I was a radioman stationed in San Juan PR.I was yanked out of Radio A school in Bainbridge MD. and flown to Gitmo with 2 hours notice to beef up the communications net.Two weeks later the blockade went into effect.
  • lots of trouble to get my picture up there.
  • Sal,
    Welcome aboard, will be looking for you in New Orleans.
  • Hey, Paul.......how come you didn't welcome me aboard?
  • Hey Pat.....welcome aboard. don't know if you remember me, but I was a PN3, also........but stayed as the deck yeoman instead of transferring to Ops. I only had about 4 months to separation when I made 3rd class, so decided to stay with the deck crew.
  • Hi guys......I was on board from 62-63, also with paul and the rest of a great crew..remember the blockade very well . remember re-ariming the Enterprise, a great experience. pat welch pn3
  • Hi guys......don't know where the hell that pic of me and 2 of my kids came from....but, it's there.......AHOY shipmates! As Paul knows, I'm moving to Florida in about 2 weeks, and, if I'm squared away, I hope to make the reunion this year.....it'd be nice seeing y'all.
  • Clay, Welcome aboard Shipmate
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