I was stationed at Chelsea directly from San Diego Corps School. For 2  years I was the Senior Corpsman of Ward 14, DIRTY ORTHOPEDICS. Stayed at the barracks first year and moved into an apt. with 3 other corpsman. Met my first Wife there too. Wonderful Memories! Make contact please to share my remaining memories. NCO Club was a hot place

Went to Camp Lejeune for my next duty station.

Curt Hiller, HM3

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  • Hello Curt,

    I do believe I remember you. If memory serves, wasn't Dr deWalt Cheif of Orthopedics about your time.

    I worked in Occupational Therapy under LCDR Marget Fitzgerald. I was injured while playing one of those "tag" football games down on the ball field. I had an unsuccessful surgery and was on Ward 15 for a while. Prior to being placed on TDRL in worked in Med Photo with HM1 Ralph Rodenbeck.

    I didn't pursue the medical field rather went into Field Service for many Boston area companies.

    I also remember the EM Club all too well, can't say I spent much time there.

    Touch base sometime. Where are you located now? Perhaps one day we could catch up on old times. I'm located in NH.

    Be well my shipmate.

    • David, Yes I do remember your name and all the others you mentioned. Others, Nurses, Janice Hayes, Maureen Kilfoyl and Terry Hamey, and Druscilla Fritche. And fellow Corpsmen; Rick Vetra, Urology, Bruce Condos, Paul Morris, Stefanik, John Greenwood, Dennis Frey, Keith Burrows. So neat that they all come back to me. Do any ring a bell to you? I was the Senior Corpsman of the Dirty Ortho Ward 14 and used to go to the OR with Capt. Dewalt.  There was another excellent ortho doc, Teddy Westbrook. Hopefully other names will return as well. I played on their Softball Team with the Coach from the Radiology Dept. He was a short black Chief and a real leader and scrappy guy. Reminded me of Pete Rose. We won the first Naval District Championship and we all got  trophy's.

      Do you still work and who have you worked with in Boston, what companies.

      I moved to NC from NH . The winters became a joke up there with heating costs, ice, slop etc. I lived in Salem and Bethlehem. Worked in hospitals, Portsmouth, Catholic Med. Center, Monadnock, Derry, Elliot amd Litteleton. I was the President of the VT/NH Society for Respiratory Care. In Respiratory I worked in clinical, sales, homecare, education and rehab.

      7 years ago I had the Widowmaker heart attack while at work, I was blessed. I am now well controlled with stent and meds but continued working since. Last month decided to retire and really enjoy life. Very active with civil duties as Volunteer, networking, socializing and helping businesses. Lots of fun.  We live just south of Blue Ridge

      Mountains between Boone and Hickory, NC.

      I am not sure how to share some photos of Chelsea but would do so gladly. I am not on facebook but use the Y

      for email to share.


    • Hey Curt

      Janice Hayes, Maureen Kilfoyl and Terry Hamey, and Druscilla Fritche, Rick Vetra, Urology, Bruce Condos, Paul Morris, Stefanik, John Greenwood, Dennis Frey, Keith Burrows and Dr Westbrook. In fact, my surgery was both Dr deWalt  & Dr Westbrook.

      Do you remember LCDR  Stearns in OT and Ens. Cheney (she relieved LCDR Fitzgerald)? How about HN2 Weaver in PT?

      Strange you mentioned the Elliot, my wife and I were there last night because her sister is a patient on the 8th floor.

      We live in Merrimack, NH. My 2nd ex-wife lives in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

      My career in Field Service and Engineering was at NCC, Optronic International, Masscomp, GTE, Bose Corp., Wang, IBM (TSS) and finally QC Optics. The reason there are so many different companies is because I worked as a contractor but was hired direct at Bose and IBM. Both of those jobs were moved "offshore" so I was laid off.

      Currently, I am retired but there is no such thing. I work as a Disc/Karaoke Jockey. I have 1 regular venue but substitute for about 10 other hosts which keeps me moving. My prime host I work for is a CBS host, I cover him at a national venue. Fun working with intoxicated people, I sit back and watch. I haven't had a drink in 14 years....diabetes.

      Hope to catch up more later, be well.

  • Curt, sorry that it's been a long time since I checked this page! You awokened my sleeping brain! I am trying to get the folks over on the FB page to sign up here also. It's been 3 years, but there are a couple more people on this page now.

    After Chelsea I wound up in Southie and then back in SD. Like many at this stage of life, I wish I had made more than one hitch of it! But now, I get to go back in a way. I have joined the vet crew of a historical ship, I get to be a Corpsman again and finally on a gray deck! I did continue on as an EMT for 30 years after. So, I kept most of my skills (minus the OB/Nursery stuff)!

    If I remember correctly, I did get sent over to Ortho Therapy for a short stint to fill in for a shortage. We were in the wind down mode and the Nursery wasn't seeing a lot of intakes!

  • I never got to the nursery. I focused on amputations and fractures and infections.

    Okay name. Chief Wentzel does sound familiar. I know lots of Ortho Drs.

    Nurses, Janice Hayes, Maureen Kilfoyl, Terry Hamey.

    Where did you go after Chelsea? How long were you in the Navy? What have you done since?

    Any more pics of the place? I have some that I may be able to dig up to share.

    We do not have Facebook, so all my chats will have to be here.

    Where do you live now? We are in western NC.

  • Jim, So nice to get your note and meet you.

    Where were you stationed at the hospital?

    Who do you remember from back there and which departments?

    Do you remember doctors, nurses or corpsmen?


    • Curt, I was there in 73 and assigned to, of all places the OB/nursery! There are so few people that I remember from then. But, there is a page for Chelsea on Facebook and some of the guys remember a lot of names! One person that may have been there when you were is Bill Lupetti. He is on here and in the FB page. The FB page was set up by Kathy Wentzel who is Master Chief Wentzel's daughter. He was there probably when you were!
  • Welcome aboard Curt! Nice to have another Chelsea Alumni here! You were at Chelsea just before me, but you might know Bill Lupetti. There is also a facebook page for Chelsea that was started by Master Chief Wentzel's daughter.
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