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Geez...I was just playing around on my computer and there it is...I was at Chelsea out of Great Lakes Hospital Corps School July 67. I was there until sometime late 68 I think. I was on Ward 2 and the critical care ward. when I arrived and was the senior corpsman when I left. Senioir corpsman when I started was a Montgomery....think that was his name. Have memories of a nurse Carlin...I lived in the barracks near the bridge...could touch it out the window. Michael Huesman from Long Island was my roommate. Doug Greenberg was in my barracks, worked in the OR. "Rocky"Rockafellow was with us...went to Nam...his name is on the wall. Sorry about the rambling but this is all coming back to me in droves...kind of put in out of my head. They painted the bridge with this red lead paint one time and I had my new Honda scrambler parked at the gate under the painted red...I have  many pictures somewhere that I will dig out and post here. 

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  • Greetings fellow Corpsman. Just found this sight as I have a colleague who now lives in a condo at the former Hospital sight. I was stationed there from around June 1967 to April 1968.  Spent most of my time working on Ward 13 "Dirty Orthopedics" I don't remember a lot of the names of the people that I knew there, but I do remember some. Do these names ring a bell with anyone. Head Nurse Ltcdr Banechek(sp?), Floor nurses Mary Shuff, Julie Falconer. Drs. Crawford and DuPuy. Corpsman Bob Bridges, Chuck Ledoyt. Milton (Alfie) Allerby (KIA Viet Nam) leading corpsman, Glenn Odell, Tony Beck I still remember vividly some of the patients that I took care of and to this day wonder how some of them made out.

    I also lived in the barracks where you first lived on the ground floor and gradually moved up until you reached the upper floor which was considered the best place. Anybody remember John's Bar on Broadway?

    Love the web site and will be checking it for more info.

    • Hey Ken, while the memory is not real good these days, I was there at Chelsea at the same time that you were, Oct 1966 to August 1968.  Started on the ICU, then the Emergency Room, then some transcribing for the Psychiatrists for Ward L (some were crazier than the patients), finally, the bag room, though the sequence may be out of order.  Was engaged to a Wave, Linda S.; started initially in the big barracks, then took an apartment right off base.  You would run into the house if you came out of USNH and didn't turn right or left.  Roomed with Matt Menglekoch; friends with John More, and Vicky Bascilio, and many others, whose names I cannot remember.  

      Fond memories of the EM club, though I surprised that I remember it at all; lots of booze.  Chelsea's sub shops were great and played fast pitch softball for USNH in '67 and '68.  Second place in Boston area in '67.  Still have the "letter jacket" that they gave us.  I believe that one of our nurses was Banececk, and I think that it was Ms Falconer that was dating one of our infielders; an enlisted and while a no no, most overlooked it.  Don't remember John's bar as I was underage.  Let me know if you receive this.  

  • David, I was there Ward 14 from 70-72. Do you remember any of the other nurses?

    Too many cobwebs for sure. Hope you are doing Well. Thanks for your service.

    Curt Hiller, NC

  • Hey David! Welcome! There is also a page for Chelsea on Facebook that was started by Chief Wentzel's daughter! I was there after you in 73 and 74. Bill Lupetti was there about the time you were or he may have been over in Nam in 68. How far are you from Hackensack? Lupetti is at the New Jersey Naval Museum quite a lot. I am sure they could use another crew member. Then the memories would really come back if you put that uniform back on! The old enlisted barracks is still there! It been turned into condos. But, it looks just the same outside (well, pretty much the same)

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