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  • BM3 on the USS Kansas City AOR-3 from 1971-1972.

  • started E2 ended BM! best time of my life!

  • I was very lucky that GOD chose me to be a Boatswains mate  and sail with the greatest  sailors that ever sallied the seas. Thank you for letting me join this group

  • thanks for letting me join this select group of 'Boats". Served aboard USS Constellation CV-64 from 1978-1982. Started from being a 'side cleaner' to BM3. Later served, making BM2 as a Equipment Operator as part of of Naval Reserve Weapons Station Earle, Unit 1104 in Colts neck, New Jersey.

  • Made BM3 on an old Adams Class Destroyer in the late 80's....USS Semmes DDG-18....Talk about turn two......

  • what a job* whew
  • I made BM3 on board the USS LY Spear [AS-36] and was transferred to new construction for the USS Barnstable County [LST-1197]. After we all were welcomed aboard the Barn we had a lot of work training the new seamen and then on our shakedown cruise . We worked hard and we played hard. I made BM2 on the Barn and there is no other rate in the navy that I could ever want. I'm proud to say I served as a BM for the USA!!!

  • I was USN '71-'92....Started out wanting to be an ASROC Gunners Mate. Was striking for 2nd Div, when I slugged a vice cop in Long Beach. There went my security clearance!. LOL. They sent me Mess cooking for the Chiefs Mess. Head of the mess was a BMC. Talked me into striking for BM. Best decision I ever made. As I heard it back then, "Anyone can make rate....It takes GOD, to make a Bosuns Mate". I'd have to agree. We had some wild times, and the seas were not always "following", but I'd do it all again, tomorrow!

  • Hello fellow vertebrae in the backbone of the fleet!

    I was a Nuclear Weaponsman 1957-1963.  Got out an stayed out til 1978 went back in the Reserves as a BMSN and made Chief before I was high-year-tenured out at age 60 in 1998.  Served in Coastal River Squadron 2, Special Boat Units 20 and 24, USS El Paso, USS Preserver, MSC Red Sea, InshoreUnderseaWarfareGroup 2 and retired from USS Clark.  Loved the NAV and loved being a Boatswains Mate.  BM's are the only real sailors all the others are just boat riders.

    Herb Harfst, BMC, USNR, Ret

  • I started out to be an SK, But retired a BMC. It was great, i was on the Mt. Whitney,LCC-20, and  oh well 4 other ships Naval Training Center SD, Recurting in Louisville KY (HOME) and Diego Garcia BIOT, BM is the best Rate in the navy.

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